Scottsdale: For eccentrics and golfers

Like so many towns in America Scottsdale is not much over a hundred years old, having been founded by army chaplain Winfield Scot who in the 1880’s bought a lot of land in the area at $3.50 per acre. You can guess what kind of place it is as soon as you read the city motto ‘West’s Most Western Town’ — usually accompanied by a cowpoke on a bucking bronco!

It is a place of eccentric behavior — at least as far as some of the rest of us are concerned. The Pinnacle Peak Patio Steak House for instance has a no-necktie policy. Not so much wrong with that in a desert climate — but then they actually cut off the ties of new customers — they have more than a million collected over half a century. You can see them hanging in the bar.

Another example of a somewhat eccentric turn of mind is the presence of the Alcer Life Extension Foundation -its patients are frozen in the hope of coming back to life at some future point. In some cases only the heads are frozen — do I want to be resurrected without a body?

Frank Lloyd Wright spent his winters here for many years and designed hundreds of homes in the area, some of which are still standing.

This is perhaps a place to visit in the winter, unless you are a very dedicated sun worshipper. The Salt Valley area is known as the Valley of the Sun — and it does shine for 330 days a year. From May to September expect temperatures above 100, and sometimes well above. Late summer is the monsoon season with frequent thunder storms .Winters are cooler from October onwards — no snow, but there has been frost.

More than 7 million people visit the town each year. What do they find to do, minus their ties of course? Sports are popular, and not just the usual ones, go to Indian School Park for organized sports with lots and lots of choices. They have sand volley ball for instance and bocce which was new for me — it is a form of bowling suitable for every age group.

Not so sporty? Just take a long a picnic and enjoy watching everyone else running, skating, rollerblading and all the rest. You don’t even have to hump the picnic things very far as access is brilliant with four parking lots. You might even spot a horned toad if you sit very still. Scotsdale is their perfect environment as they like it really hot.

Golf — choose from 40 high quality courses in the area. Troon North is one of the newest courses. It is also one of the most beautiful places – no wonder people choose it for their wedding — what a background to that special celebration.

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