Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino: Showing Its Age

A few years ago, I would’ve told you that Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino was, all-around, the best place to stay in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. A recent weekend trip, however, has me feeling a little disappointed in old PH.

If you’ve stayed there before, you know the atmosphere. It’s hip and lively. Rock and roll music plays in the elevators and throughout the casino. The rooms are decorated with dramatic, contrasting colors and accented with movie paraphernalia. The location is fantastic: the hotel is attached to the Miracle Mile Shops and across the street from the new CityCenter complex. The club, Prive, is a little techno for my taste, but then a lot of Vegas clubs are like that.

All of those things still work in Planet Hollywood’s favor. But what isn’t working is the hotel’s maintenance and service. The first thing I noticed was the disappearance of the trademark purple bath towels. They’ve been replaced with rough, over-washed white bath towels. The shower tiles looked a little worse for wear too, which kind of made me feel like we were staying at a Days Inn.

In the suite–which was a very pricey room–the carpet had visible wear marks around the wet bar. The bar itself had no supplies at all: not even a measly bottle opener. In fact, we left our bottle opener out, and it mysteriously disappeared after housekeeping came through. The same thing happened with some flatware that we brought with us. Usually the hotel has to worry about guests stealing things; I’ve never heard of a hotel stealing things from its guests!

The most disappointing aspect of the hotel, however, was the lackadaisical service. Here are a few examples. Someone in our hall left a plate of half-eaten food outside the door. That plate sat there for more than 24 hours before anyone cleaned it up. Yuck. There was also a roll-away bed in the hall; it too stayed in the same place for more than a day before someone took it away. Another weird thing was that housekeeping knocked on our door at 9:00 am on both mornings we were there. I’m sorry, but aren’t most people sleeping at 9:00 am in Vegas?

With all of the resort options in Vegas, the best hotels can’t afford to slip up on the details. It’s only my humble opinion, but PH needs to get its act together if it wants to compete.

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